Kodi for PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC Download

Kodi for PC: The famous media center that lets you stream content from the Internet and hard disk heard of it? Yes, you heard it right. Here is the Kodi App which lets you enjoy the TV shows and live time streaming from n-number of sources. The Kodi lets you converts the modern-day PC into a home theater. Basically, Installing Kodi on PC (Duh, it’s a piece-of-cake) with the help of the Download Kodi guide below. Kodi for Mac PC that scenario is much easier than Kodi PC which we will be covering in the latter of the post. A new world of Entertainment and fun is ready to be explored by Kodi on Windows 8 PC.  The latest one is Kodi V16.1 ‘Jarvis’, Kodi has different builds coming up, no worries. Updating Kodi App is Easy.

A small peek : How Kodi will be once installed. A menu looks similar like a carousel on top of a bluish BG. Using Kodi is easy on a PC to a smartphone. Kodi App helps you get all the services from the internet as well as helps you browse the content on your storage.Kodi for PC

The creators of Kodi on PC are none other than a team who had worked with the early development of Xbox. Added a group of 300+ Software developers and 100+ translators Contributed to the Kodi app on 2002. The Kodi (formerly called as XMBC) has been the pioneer in creating the Open source home theater on PC.

Taking a look at the current scenario, the users are very much adapted to the android version of the Kodi app. It has the highest of user engagement owing to the version and features upgrades. Kodi APK was a big boom. Later it was made as native Kodi app on PC. Fulfilling the PC and User Satisfaction the Kodi PC version works great with more features and a number of users are growing at daily basis. An app that lets you stream live for free then Kodi for PC will be the correct option.

Basic Kodi System Requirements on Windows PC

Kodi can be installed on any platform. It requires some hardware and software to support its installation. Here are some of the Pre-requisites that are to be fulfilled before installing Kodi on PC.

  • Operating System
    • Minimum: Windows Vista(Do Avoid Windows XP)
    • Recommended : Windows 7,8 or even Kodi on Windows 10 will be great since they support hardware video decoding.
  • All the Computers working with X86 intel chipset.
  • Graphics cards : All never ones including Radeon R420 and NVIDIA GeForce 6-series.

Now let’s get on with how to download Kodi for Windows.

Download Kodi for PC (Windows Device)

Once the requirement check is complete proceed with these steps,

One – A simple One-Click Installation.

Two – The Pro way through the package manager for Windows.

1.Latest Kodi Windows 10/8/7 Installer:

A very direct approach on downloading the Kodi .exe file from the official site.

  1. Visit the Official site – Kodi.tv
  2. Else directly Download Kodi from the link below.
  3. Mirro Link – Kodi 16.1V Jarvis (The most stable release).

If interested in exploring latest then, Kodi has its beta release the Krypton 17.0. Here are the download links below.

Note: Kodi V17 has improved features and notable changes than its predecessors. To improve the performance of Video player, Picture Viewer, Media organizer, Audio Player and Live TV then Kodi on Windows 10 will be the best suit.

Kodi app can play or record any kind of videos from the variety of resources at ease. Compatible with all the platforms like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Youtube, Vine etc contains the digital collection of files to choose from and store on the local media storage.

Suitable to record videos and download to control with the official or any 3rd party remotes.

2.Installing Kodi using Chocolatey

To download Kodi PC App requires some knowledge about command-line or PowerShell to go ahead with these steps. A package manager on windows helps you automate install, uninstall and upgrade any software.

  1. Chocolatey – One such kind of software that does that work for you.
  2. If installed Chocolatey then skip this step or install by clicking on this mirror link.
  3. Once install process is completed , enter the command cinst xbmc“.
  4. Wait till all the files are downloaded and installed.

Done. Get going but before that install Kodi Addons to get the best features of Kodi App at the push of a button. After Kodi installation configuring the Kodi device using the Config Wizard which will save you a lot of time in customization, addons, and tweaks. Only a minor change to enhance the Kodi entertainment experience.

Upgrading Kodi for Windows

Ever wondered about upgrading. No worries, if you simply install a new version it will replace the older version (Keep in mind older version less than 2 years). Make a backup of Kodi prior to the updating. Now let’s discuss on how to install Kodi for Mac PC.

Kodi for Mac Download & Install

Kodi is a media player and entertainment hub for many platforms with a 10-foot user interface. Installing Kodi on Mac is very easier when compared to Windows.

Steps to Install Kodi 

  1. Download the latest stable build .dmg file from this Mirror link.
  2. Kodi requires OS X 10.7, Intel 64-bit processor.Kodi for PC
  3. Locate the file on your drive. Drag it onto the application folder for easy install.
  4. Now it is mounted onto a virtual disk, so eject it by making a right click on it.
  5. Initiate Kodi app when needed from the ‘Applications’ Menu.
  6. Use Kodi Addon installer to get more themes, skins and customizations.

Quick Tip: Auto start Kodi by, System preferences -> Accounts -> Login items (drag to enable Kodi app) or when open in the dock, right click to enable ”Open at Login‘.

Kodi for Mac review : is Kodi safe for mac? yes, it’s perfectly safe to download since it is open source and doesn’t contain any malicious link in it. No worries about the Security reasons to allow unknown developers. Disabling the Gatekeeper will help you to install apps from anywhere like Kodi App on your Mac.Here is the guide for Kodi Apk for android.


Features of Kodi App

Kodi app has quite a lot of features to swipe your feet away. Some of the highlighting features are listed below.

  • HD video recording and live streaming from various Live TV.
  • 75+ languages can be translated with the inbuilt translators.
  • Themes and Skins customizations of a visual feast.
  • Supports all kinds of digital files like Music, Videos, and Pictures.
  • Super cool thing is that Game Consoles and add-ons can be attached with a game Emulator.
  • Kodi remotes and Kodi Addons helps you navigate the contents around the web and on the local disk easily.

The detailed guide on Kodi for PC & Mac has covered all the topics relating to download, install, upgrade. If I have missed anything or if you face any difficulties do comment below. To know more about Kodi Download bookmark and stay updated with us. I will get back to you on more Kodi Tips and Tricks.