Kodi for iPhone, iPad, iOS installing with & without Jailbreak

Download Kodi for iPhone: Welcome to the tutorial on the easiest way to install Kodi for iPhone is discussed below. Installing Kodi for iOS will be a piece of cake once you read these tutorials. I bet you must have come across the Kodi for PC in the earlier post. Kodi App is the best media player on iPhone, iPad and iOS devices for entertainment. Download the Kodi for iPhone 6 without jailbreaking. The only app that allows supports Videos, Audios, Pictures, Games, Live Streaming and other multimedia items on the go. The Kodi App for iPad which was formerly called as XBox Media Center (XBMC) which is the best app used worldwide for the entertainment purposes. Before I go into details on how to install Kodi on iPhone 6 without jailbreak here are some of the details about Kodi IPA.Kodi for iPhone

Kodi is an award-winning open source media center software that runs all the multimedia contents. The Kodi runs on every famous Operating system such a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux with a 10-foot user interface which is your HTPC (Home Theater PC).On Kodi iOS 10 the digital media files can be accessed from both local and remote storage. The Live TV streaming made Kodi is one of the most revolutionizing inventions that changed the media industry on Home Entertainment.

If you are ever wondering does Kodi runs only on iPhone or iPad? Will I be able to install Kodi for MAC? Yes, it’s possible. Even Kodi on Android is possible. The Only application that has the compatibility to support Music, Movies, TV shows, PVR & Live TV with ever growing Kodi Add-ons. It includes high-end skin customizations of themes. Hundreds of remote controls are being built on a regular basis. It lets us take control of our media in the best way possible.

Kodi for iOS devices requires a Jailbreak until today that will make the iOS devices void of insurance but non-jailbroken iOS devices can have to Kodi App through the developer tools that are used for testing. It was made possible with the help of a signer tool to ease the installation. No need for any kind of advanced technical knowledge just follow the instructions below. We will guide you step by step on the installation of Kodi for iOS 10.

The Kodi iOS app has the Universal plug and play (UPnP) feature that allows playing from or to the devices that support Kodi app for iPhone. Kodi on another hand allows content from the Internet podcasts to play TV using Cable. Kodi iPhone has inbuilt translators that permit translations more than 70+ languages. The team that developed Kodi for iPad has hard coded the software using C++ which offers digital video recorders, audio players and Smart Tv with infinite possibilities.Kodi for iPhone

Team Kodi consists of more than 450 software programmers from around the world who contributed to the development of Kodi. The team of Volunteer engineers led XMBC to the latter Kodi App Player with its trademark awarded in November 2015. Kodi iPad Open source software has a huge user base.

Installing Kodi for iPhone, iPad & iOS

iPhone, iPad which runs on iOS 9 and above which install Kodi on iOS in two ways. One with Jailbreaking, Other Without Jailbreaking. Mostly I will recommend you to download Kodi for iPhone 6/5 without Jailbreaking to avoid warranty issues.

I will be explaining on how to Install Kodi for iPad mini /iPhone in the below tutorials. Firstly, Let us Install Kodi on iPhone with Jailbreak.

Short guide to install Kodi for iPhone/iPad with Jailbreak

Why do we jailbreak? In order to install any apps and file on the iOS device, we remove the restrictions that are applied by Apple. The apps not present in iTunes, provided by 3rd-party vendors or not supported by apple can be installed. Once jailbreaking iPhone or iPad happens then any technical problems occurs it’s against the TOS of apple. So I will personally suggest you move on with the installing Kodi for iPhone without jailbreaking. Anyhow here is the guide. Do follow the steps carefully.

Note: Do backup your settings and multimedia prior to the process of jailbreaking iPhone 7.

  1. Disable passcode, Settings-> Touch ID -> Passcode. Once you disabled follow the next step.
  2. Enter Airplane mode, in the control panel and mainly turn off the cellular data or WiFi.
  3. A Tool is required to Jailbreak iPhone. I will recommend you download Pangu from the iTunes store.
  4. Open Pangu app after installing iTunes on your Mac or PC to ensure its working.
  5. Once the iPhone is connected, Pangu discovers iPhone and Start then select Already back up option to get ahead.
  6. Once the task gets finished and rebooted to successfully complete the entire process.
  7. Now, Pangu app starts its process. It will be finished once it reboots for the final time.Now Kodi can be installed with the help of Cydia app on iPhone.

Now getting on with the installation of Kodi for iOS 10 is a piece of cake once jailbreaking is done.

  • Launch Cydia app, in the sources tab, edit -> add URL to get the repo.
  • Here is the URL to get the Kodi iPhone app – http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/
  • Scroll for Team Kodi in the sources.
  • Click on ‘All Packages’ and select Kodi-iOS.
  • Press install to successfully get the Kodi for iPhone 7.
  • Return to the home screen to enter into Kodi app.

Now you are all set for unlimited entertainment on your Kodi iOS app. As I have already clearly mentioned this method is not mostly likely welcomed by all since it’s against Apple’s Terms and Conditions. So the best way to download and install Kodi on iPad/iPhone is without Jailbreaking.

Quick guide to install Kodi on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

Before proceeding with Kodi Installation, 3 Pre-requisites are to be fulfilled to complete and gain best user experience. It is very interesting to install Kodi iOS so do it with joy :P.

  1. Download Kodi deb file.
  2. Download iOS App signer from GitHub
  3.  Get the latest version of Xcode from the Mac center.

We strongly recommend you to download Xcode only from the official Mac App Store. We will be using the deb file on the last step of installation. The iOS signer app is the key component of Kodi without Jailbreak so thanks to DanTheMan827 for his contribution towards Kodi Society.

Once you downloaded and installed on the Mac proceed with the steps below to get the best out of it.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to which you want to install Kodi through the USB cable.

Kodi for iPhoneStep 2: Launch the Xcode, Create a new iOS project. It is mainly for creating a provisioning profile, if you already have a developer version then skips the steps below and proceed to Step 7.

Step 3: In the iOS menu,tap on Application. Select the Single View Application and press Next. Then You need to enter a new name for the app to be created eg: Kodi-iOS in the Product Name field.

Step 4: Fill all other required details but importantly in the Devices there is a drop-down box with iPhone, iPad or Universal. We will recommend you to keep it generic as possible without being device-centered.

Step 5: Once you press ‘Next’ you will be indicated with the ‘No matching provisioning profiles found’ error, Tap on ‘add’ to solve the issue by entering your Apple id to sign in. Choose a development team and wait till the Xcode to solve your issue.

Step 6: If you prefer to install additional devices then repeat from step 2 till step 5. That’s all. Getting back to the installation.Kodi for iPhone

Step 7: Launch to iOS App Signer after unzipping the application and creating the shortcut on the desktop screen.

Step 8: Navigate to the Kodi Deb file location that you have downloaded already and select the input file.

Step 9: Select the “Signing Certificate” and the provisioning profile “Kodi-iOS” that you created recently in the Xcode. Enter the new App display name for the Kodi and tap on Start to generate the Kodi.IPA file.

Step 10: Once it has finished.Return back to Xcode under the Windows menu, select the devices option.

Step 11: Select the device that you want to install Kodi and press ‘+’ in the bottom of the device information.

Step 12: Search and select the IPA file created in Step 9. The installation might take up to few mins and once it is completed unplug the device from the computer.

Step 13: Why are you waiting? Enjoy the Kodi iOS app with unlimited streaming entertainment.

Final Verdict

Cool right!! Kodi has been installed safe and sound on your iPhone or iPad without being Jailbreaked. Hope you liked our tutorial on installing Kodi on iOS and Kodi is available for android download Kodi APK. I hope you found our tutorial useful and Let us know in the comments below if you facing any difficulties with installation of Kodi on iPhone. For more information on Kodi Download, Bookmark us to Stay updated.